“Freedom does not mean that we cease to feel pain,

but that we have the courage to move through the depths of suffering and the pinnacles of joy alike.

And as we allow ourselves to express whatever arises, fully and without judgment,

we discover that what ails us transforms into what heals us…” -Nina Wise

Therapy focusing on:

life transitions

relationship struggles

gender identity







non-traditional relationships

In each session, I provide a respectful, supportive, and collaborative space for slowing down and exploring all parts of the inner world, practicing new ways of being in relationship, and fostering self-compassion. 

Utilizing psychodynamic, relational, humanistic, psychosynthesis, and gestalt approaches, my style is strength-based, interactive, and heart-centered. My intention is to remain curious and creative as we work together to meet your goals.

I am currently meeting with clients in California via video only.

The relationship that develops between each therapist and client is unique. Feel free to contact me at 415-634-4479 for an initial phone consultation so that we could determine if this might be the right kind of support for you.